Why Choose RapidStart CRM for Dynamics CRM?

Okay, well I knew it couldn’t last forever. We created the first “Packaged Deployment” model available only through Microsoft Partners; RapidStart CRM. Now there are few others, so I have to write that “Why Us?” post.

The photo above might be a little overboard; there are really only a few efforts to ride our coattails so far, but if you search online for any adverb concatenated with “Start”, you will find that RapidStart CRM is no longer alone. I could tell you that we were the first, the best, yada yada, but really it boils down to a few things that any partner should know.

Here’s 10 questions to ask any provider when you are exploring this path to engaging with Dynamics CRM Online.:

  1. Do you offer any services directly to my target customer base?
    • Don’t settle for “Well yes, but we don’t focus on that” or similar cagey language.
    • Our answer is a definitive “NO”.
  2. Are you an ISV or is this Partner to Partner?
    • Partners who “Partner” for a particular piece of scope, typically offer a lot more services and will be motivated to generate more revenue from you and/or your customer.
    • We are an ISV, 100% of our revenue model is the sale of our RapidStart CRM solution, we have no aspiration to make more money from you or your customer for anything else.
  3. How many partners do you have?
    • Most of these alternatives are brand new and untested by partners, you may be the guinea pig.
    • We have over 100 Partners located across the globe
  4. Do you have a Partner Channel built?
    • Most of these alternatives will not have any formalized partner support capabilities, partner sales assistance or partner training
    • We have a dedicated Partner Portal, loaded with Partner success resources and Partner support
  5. Is your solution Turn-Key?
    • Many of these alternatives will either require you to have some CRM knowledge, or require their staff to be in contact with your customer.
    • Our automated solution is turn-key, requires zero CRM knowledge, and we have no reason to ever talk to your customer.
  6. Does your solution get my customer to “Active Use”
    • Many of these alternatives are simply a file installed to “cut down” CRM, this will get you about 10% of what you need, with others you may need to invest more to get to the real goal of “active use”
    • Our solution includes a simplified user experience, plus a Wizard based customization engine and baked-in user training. Our goal is not just deploy, but is Active Use.
  7. How long will it take?
    • This answer will be all over the place. Ones that can be done in minutes, won’t do near enough, with others you might be looking at a month or more, if they even know.
    • Our solution can provide for a easy to use, fully customized, data imported, ready-to-go CRM in a matter of days.
  8. How much does it cost?
    • This answer will also be all over the place, I have seen as low as $500 for a solution that does nothing, on to upwards of $10K, which hardly seems like a “Start”
    • RapidStart CRM provides the highest “Value” at a cost, including your markup, that your SMB customer won’t gag on. Register to see our partner confidential pricelist.
  9. Can my customer use this themselves?
    • Most of the other alternatives were not designed for customer self-deployment, somebody will be required to help your customer.
    • While you can help if you want to, RapidStart CRM was designed for your customer to self-deploy if you prefer.
  10. How important am I to your success?
    • For most of these alternatives, you are only important for that particular part of their business, in the larger scheme of their entire business, you simply are not.
    • Our entire success depends 100% on our Partners’ success, and we lie awake at night thinking about how we can help you make money with Dynamics CRM Online.

I actually thought of way more than ten, but I forced myself to keep it to just ten. If you want more reasons why RapidStart CRM should be your path to success with selling Dynamics CRM Online, click here to schedule a call with us!

Add your thoughts below, just don’t pimp your stuff on my blog 🙂


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