Dynamics 365 – Inspiration vs. Aspiration

Like many of you that read my stuff, I too am following the Ignite Sessions related to Dynamics 365 Business Solutions. I had too many things on my calendar, to make it in-person, but the recorded sessions are the next best thing. As I watched these, I was having trouble …

Dynamics 365 – Services Offers in AppSource

Okay, I know I just wrote about AppSource last week, but the AppSource team launched a new capability for partners today that does not require you to build an App. It’s an “App-less” AppSource path for the app-challenged. It’s called “Consulting Services”. So what is this all about?

Dynamics 365 – A Careful Landing?

A few weeks after the initial announcements around Dynamics 365, I wrote a post titled something like “The Fog Clears”. With Microsoft’s response to the reaction from the Directions announcements, some fog is clearing, but some fog has shifted… to a different partner type.