Steve Chats with Steven (Guggs) Guggenheimer

In this episode of “Steve has a Chat“, I called Steven (Guggs) Guggenheimer, who was not surprised that I had the Record Button on when he answered.

“Guggs” is the Corporate Vice President – AI & ISV Engagement at Microsoft. Among other things, he is responsible for engaging with Customers on AI, as well as assisting Partners with ISV Motions focused on Microsoft Business Applications.

We chatted about a bunch of stuff, including the fact that I can’t do calendar based math, the AI Landscape and Partner Opportunities in it, as well as ISV plans and a lot of other things. Enjoy!

People Referenced in the episode:

Satya Nadella
James Phillips
Charlotte Yarkoni

Links Referenced in the episode:

Nadella on the Power Platform

April ’19 Release Notes


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