RapidStart for Dynamics CRM Online for Community Banks (Press Release)

Forceworks expands RapidStart CRM program to include Community Banks

Tampa, FL – Forceworks, a leading Microsoft Certified Cloud Deployment Partner, announced the launch of a new offering in their RapidStart™ for Dynamics CRM Online family, tailored to Community Banks: RapidStart™ for Dynamics CRM Online for Community Banks. Forceworks’ RapidStart™ models for both Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online have been hugely popular with their customers. Forceworks has taken what has historically been a custom deployment project fraught with risk, and transformed it into a product with a low fixed cost and timeline.

“What we have done with the RapidStart concept is to make most of the decisions for you” says Steve Mordue, CEO of Forceworks, “We have found that most Community Bank CRM needs are actually very similar, so have taken these Best Practices and pre-built a fixed scope deployment model around them.”

Community Banks have requirements that are unique from Credit Unions and National Banks. Target customers often include high net worth individuals, professional services firms and SMBs and success revolves around building relationships. While many community banks are great at building these relationships, the ones that excel are able to consistently execute strategies to generate new relationship opportunities, while at the same time maintaining a high level of “touch” with existing relationships. Dynamics CRM Online together with Forceworks’ RapidStart gives their bank clients an “unfair advantage” compared to the Outlook/Excel methods in use by so many BDMs today, all at a cost that is within reach.

“The way we are able to keep the cost so low and deploy so quickly is by initially limiting a bank’s options” said Mordue, “but once a good foundation is in place from a RapidStart deployment, a bank can further customize to their heart’s content, or have us help them further extend the limitless capabilities of Dynamics CRM Online”. Another way the cost is held low is by keeping the senior development team out of the RapidStart deployment process. While RapidStart CRM for Community Banks was developed by Forceworks’ Microsoft Certified senior development team, it is deployed for bank customers by junior technicians under the supervision of a Forceworks principal.

Forceworks offers RapidStarts for both SharePoint Online and Dynamics CRM Online, direct to clients as well as through a network of Microsoft Partners nationwide. The company also provides Office 365 deployment services, separately, or in combination with a RapidStart.

About Forceworks: Forceworks, a 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year, is headquartered in Tampa, FL, with an office in Nashville, TN. Forceworks supports Microsoft Cloud Solutions for customers globally. Forceworks holds Microsoft Competencies for “Customer Relationship Management”, “Portals and Collaboration (SharePoint)” and “Midmarket Solution Provider”. Forceworks’ Microsoft Certified Professionals are members of the Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner Program and SMB Champions Club and are members of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council. More information can be found on the company’s website at http://www.forceworks.com, or by calling 866-580-4075.


Forceworks is a registered trademark of Forceworks LLC in the United States.

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Steve Mordue MVP

Steve Mordue, a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, is the CEO of Forceworks, a 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year. Steve started his business applications consulting career in 2001, originally supporting Salesforce.com as a Certified Consultant. Steve transitioned his consulting practice to Dynamics CRM, (now Dynamics 365) in 2011. Steve has been engaged in hundreds of deployments over the course of his career. As one of the leading Microsoft Business Application Consultants, recognized by Microsoft as an expert, Steve has provided training, on behalf of Microsoft, to other Microsoft Partners globally on how to launch and build successful practices. Steve is a member of the Worldwide Dynamics Partner Advisory Council, and is a frequent presenter and panelist at global Microsoft events. The opinions shared in this blog are Steve's alone. If you are looking for Microsoft confidential information, you will not find any here.

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