New Dynamics CRM deployments now 10:1 over Salesforce

Tortoise and the HareAs some of you may know, Forceworks started out as a shop. The name of our firm was actually a play on words. One thing that has remained consistent is our belief that the cloud is the future and we are determined to be a leader in that future. We also believed that the mere act of signing up for a SaaS product was not going to provide you any benefit at all. The key was, and still is, in the proper deployment of the SaaS model to your particular enterprise. So our focus was not so much on which application was chosen, but rather ensuring that it was thoughtfully deployed to mimic your successful processes, and improve your less than successful processes with the overall result being that you are better off now than before we met.

For most businesses, if nothing changed at all, but the cost was less, a check could be placed in the win column. This is what drove our initial cloud focus, because if nothing else changed, at least we could ensure you would be paying less than you are now. If your business could benefit from CRM, and most can, Salesforce was the only viable cloud option which resulted in Forceworks being a Salesforce shop. So how did we get from there to having 10 times as many new Dynamics CRM deployments than Salesforce? We are Brand agnostic.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, iPhone, Android, iOS, Windows, etc., everybody seems to have chosen a side. And everybody’s side is the only side and anyone who does not agree is an asshole. You would think that technology companies are actually NFL teams, eliciting blind allegiance regardless of their performance. I look at technology companies the same way I look at refrigerators. GE, Maytag, KitchenAid? Who cares, I am shopping price, features and reliability. You never see people having a heated exchange over brands in the appliance department at Best Buy. In order to take advantage of the Best of possible technologies, you first have to get over your manufactured biases.

We have evolved into a reseller of Microsoft Cloud Services. Is that because their services are better than anyone else’s? Nope. I have said before that we can get you to the same destination from multiple brand approaches. Are we band-wagoners jumping on Microsoft’s recent successes in the cloud? Probably. If you take for granted that we truly feel that we can get you the same result from whatever brand, then the particular product becomes far less important in comparison to other factors for a software consulting shop like Forceworks. I deal in facts, at least as I see them to be. There are a couple of facts that led to our transition from Salesforce Consulting to Dynamics CRM consulting. First, Microsoft is significantly more supportive of their Partners. Microsoft has directly and significantly helped Forceworks grow, from giving us marketing dollars to sending us leads. Microsoft is far more dependent on their Partner channel than Salesforce. As a partner of Salesforce, you are not only on your own, but occasionally in competition with them. The second fact is that my client will spend less money deploying Dynamics CRM than they will Salesforce. That is not bias, that is a proven fact that benefits Forceworks. The less money my client has to pay to the platform provider, the more they have for development. The less money clients have to invest in the whole thing, the more possible clients there are. So yes, I have a bias, but my bias is towards Forceworks.

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