GulfShore Bank deploys Dynamics CRM Online “Rapidly” (Press Release)

Forceworks is pleased to announce a new Case Study of GulfShore Bank’s CRM deployment

Tampa, FL – GulfShore Bank recently completed the deployment of Dynamics CRM Online utilizing the RapidStart CRM model developed and executed by Forceworks.

“The combination of getting up and moving forward quickly and under budget was very valuable to us” said Ed O’Carroll, COO of GulfShore Bank.

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partner, Forceworks is working to develop solutions that allow smaller organizations to take advantage of the “Enterprise Grade” capabilities that are now available to them as a result of the Software as a Service revolution.

“For most small and midsized banks a legitimate CRM system has simply been out of reach in the past… SaaS changes everything by abstracting all of the complexity and letting Microsoft be responsible for that” says Steve Mordue, CEO of Forceworks, “platform costs are no longer a budgetary wall, and the low cost RapidStart CRM model eliminates any excuse for banks not to take advantage of these customer centric capabilities”

Forceworks has produced a case study and video of GulfShore Bank’s experience which can be reviewed at

About Forceworks: Forceworks, a 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year, is headquartered in Tampa, FL. Forceworks supports Microsoft Cloud Solutions for customers globally. Forceworks holds Microsoft Competencies for “Customer Relationship Management”, “Portals and Collaboration (SharePoint)” and “Cloud Deployment”. Forceworks’ Microsoft Certified Professionals are members of the Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner Program and SMB Champions Club and are members of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council. More information can be found on the company’s website at, or by calling 866-580-4075.


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Steve Mordue MVP

Steve Mordue, a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, is the CEO of Forceworks, a 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year. Steve started his business applications consulting career in 2001, originally supporting as a Certified Consultant. Steve transitioned his consulting practice to Dynamics CRM, (now Dynamics 365) in 2011. Steve has been engaged in hundreds of deployments over the course of his career. As one of the leading Microsoft Business Application Consultants, recognized by Microsoft as an expert, Steve has provided training, on behalf of Microsoft, to other Microsoft Partners globally on how to launch and build successful practices. Steve is a member of the Worldwide Dynamics Partner Advisory Council, and is a frequent presenter and panelist at global Microsoft events. The opinions shared in this blog are Steve's alone. If you are looking for Microsoft confidential information, you will not find any here.

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