Dynamics Marketing for the CMO

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as a tool for both sales teams and service teams, and it does a great job for both. But what about marketing? Up until now, marketing has been an activity that Dynamics CRM Online provided minimal support for, which usually required the addition of an third-party solution to provide any real value. Well, that is about to change… dramatically, with the introduction of Dynamics Marketing.

You may recall that Microsoft bought Marketing Pilot a little while back. Well they have been very busy under the hood to pull all of Marketing Pilot’s awesome capabilities into Dynamics CRM Online, natively. The result is the most comprehensive enterprise solution available today, at an unbeatable TCO. Take a look below at the capability set compared to the other platforms on the market today.

I have clipped an excerpt of a demo that gives an overview of this new Dynamics Marketing capability below.
[fvplayer src=’http://forceworks.blob.core.windows.net/wordpress-media/dynamics-marketing.mp4′ splash=’/wp-content/uploads/dynamics-marketing-cover.jpg’]

If you would like to explore Dynamics Marketing further, contact us.

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