Dynamics 365 – Sorry Customer, No Soup for You!

Here’s an interesting one, customer wants to buy CRM Online, but they are a Syndicated End Customer of a Syndicated Partner. The Syndicated partner does not offer CRM Online. See below for Microsoft Support’s response on how to solve this problem.

You can’t get There from Here

“Hello Steve,

Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Partner Network.

This is in response to Service Request: 00000000000, in regards to the purchase of CRM Online for your client.

As mentioned, if your client is in partner with [partner] who is a Syndicated Partner of Microsoft, this makes your client as a Syndicated End Customer. Syndicated End Customers can only purchase licenses from their Syndicated Partners that originally setup their account.

Here are the options you can check for your client in purchasing CRM Online:

  1. Setup a new Office 365 tenant after sending a purchase offer to add the CRM Online.
  2. Inform your client about the syndication and if they are willing to cancel their partnership with [partner]. In doing so, this will require to create a new tenant and migrate their Office 365 information to the new one. Once a new regular tenant has been created, you may send a purchase offer to your client.

I will now close this case. Please let me know if you have further questions, you can reply to my email or give me a call to the number listed below and I will be more than glad to help you.

Thank you for choosing the Microsoft Partner Network.”


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