Dynamics 365 – Salesforce ISVs Take Notice

If you have been following along, you know that we were Salesforce Consultants for 10 years before we moved to Dynamics 6 years ago. We left Salesforce in the rear view mirror, and never heard from anyone related to them again… until recently.

Dynamics 365 – When will it finally be Finished?

I am returning from a small Dynamics partner conference in Newport Beach. One of the recurring themes at this conference, particularly when a Microsoft representative stood before us, was pelting them with questions similar to: “When will Dynamics 365 be finished?”. I was not one of those asking that question, …

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Margin Squeeze

Just a few short years ago, Office 365 launched. At the time, selling the product required genuine knowledge, and migrating to the product required genuine expertise. There was significant partner margin and incentives on the sale of Office 365, as well a nice margins on deploying it. Those days have …

Combating Churn with your Microsoft I.P.

I my past several posts I have been discussing Intellectual Property, and this idea that you can create Repeatable I.P., that could possibly be offered on a Recurring basis. According to Microsoft, this is the Holy Grail for Partners going forward, and all Partners will soon be valued based on …

Recurring Revenue vs. Repeatable I.P. for Microsoft Partners

We obviously have a vested interest in the I.P. game, and so I listen to a lot of people. A couple of people in particular are Brent Combest (@BrentCombest, Microsoft’s Minister of Profitability) and Dana Willmer (a consultant who adds analytical beef to Brent’s proselytizations).

What is this “I.P.” that Microsoft says you need today?

As a Microsoft Partner, who is not living under a rock, you have no doubt heard the Microsoft drumbeat around “Recurring I.P.. To listen to Microsoft, if you don’t have this, you may not be around very long, or at the very least, your business won’t be worth very much.