Dynamics 365 – Inspiration vs. Aspiration

Like many of you that read my stuff, I too am following the Ignite Sessions related to Dynamics 365 Business Solutions. I had too many things on my calendar, to make it in-person, but the recorded sessions are the next best thing. As I watched these, I was having trouble …

Dynamics 365 – Services Offers in AppSource

Okay, I know I just wrote about AppSource last week, but the AppSource team launched a new capability for partners today that does not require you to build an App. It’s an “App-less” AppSource path for the app-challenged. It’s called “Consulting Services”. So what is this all about?

Dynamics 365 – A Careful Landing?

A few weeks after the initial announcements around Dynamics 365, I wrote a post titled something like “The Fog Clears”. With Microsoft’s response to the reaction from the Directions announcements, some fog is clearing, but some fog has shifted… to a different partner type.

Dynamics 365 – The Missing Piece for AppSource

I decided to step away from the third-rail and talk about something else. If you are a Dynamics 365 Partner, you should already know about AppSource. Maybe you have already published an App, or are thinking about it, or maybe you are just thinking about it as a place to …

Dynamics 365 – The New RapidStart is Here!

Those of you who follow me, know that we have a product called RapidStart for Dynamics 365. Well, not “we” actually, RapidStart LLC is a separate company owned by my wife. So I guess I should say, “she” has a product called RapidStart for Dynamics 365. Anyway, that product has just …

Dynamics 365 – I don’t need what you Know

Along with the “Cloud Revolution” comes a whole new set of required skills for Partners and Customers. These new skills are not to be added to what you already know, instead they are to replace what you already know. Because, the things you already know… nobody will need anymore.

Dynamics 365 – How hard can you punch a Customer, and keep them?

I can certainly look back at many decisions that I made, that did not work out. I like to convince myself that, at the time, it made total sense, and I would do the same thing again. Sometimes that is even correct. But most of the time, I just wonder …

Dynamics 365 – Some Microsoft Advice to Ignore

If you have been around the channel for a while, you are quite familiar with the Microsoft messaging to partners. “Add a Dynamics Practice”, or “Add an Azure Practice”, or “Add a whatever we want to sell now practice”. I suggest you ignore these messages.

Dynamics 365 – Business Edition vs. The World

Last week, within Microsoft’s 3-day Executive Briefing on everything Dynamics 365, the Business Edition was teased out. The Business Edition is Microsoft’s first legitimate effort to meet the business solution requirements of the Small to Mid-sized Business (SMB), and they are about to meet a whole new crop of competitors …

Dynamics 365 – The Most Ambitious Release Yet?

I guess it’s no surprise, that 90% of my blog readers are Microsoft Partners. Most of them, operate in the same space that we do: Dynamics 365. From that, I can also assume that most of my readers were on the Executive Briefing calls last week. So what did we …

Dynamics 365 – Thoughts on the Business Edition

Yesterday we had the Executive Briefing for the Dynamics 365 Business Edition Sales and Marketing Apps. It was non-NDA so that means we can talk about it, that also means that lots of details were left out. I have been working with that team for some time now, and while …

Dynamics 365 – The Cloud “Fad” has Passed

As some of you may know, we were formerly Salesforce Consultants, a product that was “Cloud” from day one. For us, cloud was not something we even thought about, until we pivoted to become a Microsoft Partner in 2011. Suddenly “Cloud” was a new thing? Huh?… Okay, we’ll play along.

Dynamics 365 – Divorcing your Microsoft Partner

Yes, I know, Divorce is a nasty sounding word, and it does not seem applicable to your relationship with your Microsoft Partner… I mean you are not legally “Married”. But today, more than ever, your relationship with your Microsoft partner is feeling a lot more like a marriage, particularly, if …

Dynamics 365 – Picking a Dance Partner – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, we followed a fictional first-person path to picking a Business Solutions (CRM) platform. It appeared that Microsoft Dynamics 365 was under strong consideration, when the topic of a Microsoft Partner was introduced. Let’s continue this fictional journey, and see how this critical step plays …

Dynamics 365 – Picking a Dance Partner – Part 1

Selecting the best platform and partner for you to work with, is probably the most important determining factor to your success with Business Solutions. It really is the “make or break” ingredient, and selecting the wrong one(s), can lead to disaster. Here is a fictional first-person account.