Steve has a Chat with Jeff York

In this episode of “Steve has a Chat“, I nabbed Jeff York, who happened to be sitting at his “dusty” desk. One of my favorite podcasts so far!

Jeff is the Chief Financial Officer for the Microsoft Business Applications group, and knows exactly where the bodies are buried. Did he tell me? You will have to listen and see. While you may not be familiar with Jeff, he is one of the four person band in this post image, including Hayden Stafford and Alysa Taylor and James Phillips, who are building the recently “strategically critical business” of business applications.

We chatted about a wide range of topics, including the new ISV program, upcoming big things around customer awareness and the biggest bets Microsoft is making for 2020. Enjoy!

People Referenced in the episode:

Satya Nadella
James Phillips
Alysa Taylor
Hayden Stafford
Amy Hood
Gavriella Schuster
Steven “Guggs” Guggenheimer
Anand Ghotge


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