What can CRM do for SMB? (Part 2, Leads)

In my first post in this series I tried to show how spreadsheets and email clients really don’t cut it for meaningful client relationship management. I wrote about how some of the “CRM Lite” applications are a step up, but really only scratch the surface of true client relationship management. With …

Alone on top of an underwater glacier

I recently attended the Microsoft Cloud Partner Summit at Microsoft HQ near Seattle. To say the experience was enlightening would be a significant understatement. Here were gathered 90 partners, one representative each, from the top cloud partners in the US. Microsoft’s cloud products, particularly Office 365 have been exploding, and …

Forceworks invited to Microsoft Partner Research Panel

The Microsoft Partner Research Panel is made up of a limited number of Microsoft partners who are invited and agree to participate in the research program. Forceworks will be sharing opinions about Microsoft products and programs with the company. Forceworks’, as well as other select partners’, insights and suggestions will help shape Microsoft offerings.

5 reasons to move to the cloud that no one talks about (Part 3 of 5)

Cloud has become a four letter word. Frequently when we meet someone and mention “cloud” computing, I see their teeth grit. “I had a horrible experience with the cloud” they say. After a few more questions, it becomes obvious that what they were involved in was not “cloud” at all, but rather something they were told was cloud.