Dynamics 365 – A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

So a lot has been said recently about Dynamics 365, ranging from high praise to all-out hysteria. NDAs have been violated, pumping bits and pieces of information out, mostly around pricing. And lot’s of partners have been complaining, including yours truly (hopefully constructively). But as I continue to dig deeper …

Dynamics 365 – Leading from Behind

My head has been swimming. I spent the entire weekend re-watching the “Airlift” presentations that Microsoft gave us last week on the new Dynamics 365. There were about 50 of them, each on a new feature or capability of the new platform. Even though I am left with more questions …

For CRM, Partial Adoption is Total Failure 

Who could argue with the concept of keeping your finger on the pulse of your customers? From the CEO, to the VP of Sales, to the Sales Manager, right down the line to the sales team… everybody has a desire… a requirement actually… to know what is happening with their …

Dynamics 365 – Welcome to the Microsoft Amusement Park

For the longest time, the only ride in the Microsoft Dynamics Amusement Park was the Lazy River ride. A few years ago they added their first roller-coaster, and they are about to open their first Super Coaster. Hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Dynamics 365 – The Sky is Not Blue

So I am sitting in the Dynamics Partner Advisory Council on Sunday as Microsoft unwraps Dynamics 365. They start the conversation by saying they are going to make licensing waaay easier, and proceed to layout the most complex licensing structure I have ever heard.